10 Nail Glue Bottles

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Product details

The ultra fast nail glue takes 3 seconds for instant nail bonding. This glue is also quite gentle and effective for natural nail repairs.


Dries in 4 seconds.


The protective nail glue sticks false nails and repairs natural nails in 4 seconds!

Use of product

1 - Prepare the nails by gently pushing back the cuticles. Clean them with an acetone remover to make sure the nail is free of moisture and all natural oil. Make sure the nails are dry

It is essential to properly prepare the nail to ensure healthy nails.

2 - Select the nail size that best suits you and arrange it

If the nails do not have an application tab, make sure they are applied correctly.

The thinnest and most curved end should be placed at the base of your natural nail, near your cuticle.

This thinner edge gives a more natural look, reducing the ridge between the false nail and your natural nail. The thicker, more square end gives a more natural effect. This thicker edge is more resistant for more durable wear.

3 - Apply a thin and uniform layer of glue on the whole of your nail. Immediately wipe off any glue that gets into your cuticle.

4 - Hold the tip of the nail and apply it without it touching your cuticle.

5 - Lightly press the pressure nail for 4 seconds until it is well glued and there it is perfect.